Velocity Business Solutions Limited (Velocity) is a Hong Kong-based certified Qlik Elite Solution Provider and the only Authorised Qlik Training Partner in Hong Kong. Our core competency is the implementation of Business Intelligence solutions with 100% focus on the Qlik Business Discovery platform. Velocity has the largest, most experienced and Qlik-certified services and support team in Hong Kong. Velocity has been a Qlik Solution Provider since 2010 and has more than 80 Qlik implementation references.

Our key objectives are to help our clients deploy cost-effective business intelligence solutions using Qlik that deliver significant value and insight within a short period of time. The solutions are designed to be rapidly adopted providing valuable insight and granularity to the business that allows informed business decisions to be made now, not in months or years. We strive to be the leading 100%-focused Qlik solution provider in Hong Kong in the industries that we serve. All of Velocity’s technical consultants are Qlik-certified. Certification of consultants is on-going and is typically updated every year to stay current with new features and functions released with new versions of Qlik Solutions. Velocity has completed more than 80 Qlik implementation projects in Hong Kong covering banking, insurance, retail, distribution, property and logistics sectors. Applications developed include Sales Analysis, Financial Analysis, Customer Intelligence, Project Cost Analysis, Expense Management, HR Analysis and Risk Management. All of Velocity’s customers (all using Qlik) are on active maintenance and support agreements. Customer references are available upon request.

How quickly can Velocity help you bring a business discovery solution from concept to production? Typically our Qlik solution implementations measured in weeks, not months or years. Our depth of industry experience and expertise in delivering Qlik solutions can help you bring together your corporate data into a graphical and interactive experience giving you the ability to ask questions and discover areas within your organization that you never thought would be possible. Our team has successfully implemented a range of Qlik solutions with our clients including:

  • A regional Wealth Management dashboard from concept to delivery completed in 11 weeks
  • A regional Insurance dashboard from concept to delivery completed in 10 weeks
  • A regional financial dashboard for Retail and Distribution company completed in 9 weeks
  • A regional Retail dashboard with multi-brand and stores completed in 8 weeks
  • A sales dashboard for a regional Retail and Distribution company completed in 6 weeks
  • A Customer Intelligence dashboard from concept to delivery for a global AirLine headquartered in Hong Kong in 12 weeks.

Solution Focus

  • Business Intelligence / Analytics / Data Warehouse
  • Qlik Elite Solution Provider and Authorized Training Partner
  • Dedicated Qlik Focus

Industry Focus

  • Financial Services
  • Retail / Consumer Products / Distribution
  • Logistics / Transportation
  • Property Development / Management

Services and Support

  • Largest Qlik delivery team in Hong Kong
  • On-shore, agile, iterative implementation approach
  • Qlik deployment experience with local and global clients
  • Client References available
  • Qlik Certified Services and Support team